“I was feeling very lonely before this. Now, it feels like this is my safe place. I can’t wait to get there. Sometimes, I just sit and listen to the others singing. I don’t feel any pressure at all. Such beauty… I want to burst into tears. And without realizing it, here I am singing along. It is perfect.” 

“When we are in this team, we are not the addicted ones, we are not the scum of the earth. We are artists. Something different than our problem bonds us together. This changes how we feel about ourselves. We believe in a better future. We wouldn’t have this if it weren’t for music and this amazing coordinator who brought us together”.

(Participants talking about their involvement in community music programs)







1st Panhellenic Conference on Community Music:

Music & Musicians for a harmonious society:
ΒeginningsΕxperiences, Perspectives”


Department of Music Science & Art
University of Macedonia


International Center for Community Music, St John York University, U.K.
Greek Society of Music Education (G.S.Μ.Ε.)